Update from the Congs

As many of you have realized.... Cong Quartet is no longer residing at Indiana University, and it looks like all four us are doing our own thing in different places, are we broken up? What have we been doing? Where are we now?

Yes, Cong Quartet is not staying at Indiana anymore as most of us have been done with school at IU and we are doing a little bit of our own stuffs in different countries (to be precise, different continents!) for now. BUT the quartet is still happening! We have already scheduled performances and other appearances in the coming winter and more are coming for the spring!

After the long time that we have been working together everyday, we believe that it is a good idea for each of us to explore our own world a little bit and look for bringing back new elements into the quartet. 

Our upcoming events included a winter chamber festival appearance, competitions in 2017, AND we are planning on our exciting debut in Hong Kong as well (where we are all originally from!). So stay in tune with us and hope to see your in our next concert!