About the Recordings

These recordings are mostly performances of some new works recorded & posted by our quartet, so feel free to use them for any personal or entertainment purposes. Commercial/ official/ professional recordings of us in any kinds should not be shared online without the authorization of the organizers, management or recording companies.

You can find more recordings of us playing traditional repertoire, HERE (old recordings) or at our Youtube Channel / Facebook Page.


Kevin Puts: Credo (2007)

2018@ Concert Hall, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

“Credo” means “To Believe” in Latins, was a piece written by composer Kevin Puts when he was asked to write something about the “lighter side of his country”. With the negative events and injustice around the society, Kevin struggled to find inspirations for his music.

“When I was writing this piece, I found it very difficult to find inspirations in the events surrounding me in our country, and i feel even more that way today, we are in a very divisive situation, its a very dark time. And I think we artists have to rely on our own positive experiences between people in our own lives to find inspirations.”

A little gift to our home, Hong Kong.


W.A.Mozart: String Quartet in G major, K387 (1782)

2018 @ Concert Hall, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

Nicknamed the "Spring" quartet, was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1782 while in Vienna. This is the first of the Haydn Quartets, a set of six string quartets he wrote during his first few years in Vienna in honor of the composer Joseph Haydn, who is generally viewed as the father of the string quartet form.


Christopher Poovey: Crystalline Vapor (2015)

2015 @ Ford Hall, Indiana University

"Crystalline Vapor explores the idea of focus by crossfading between two textures: a chaotic texture made up of polyrhythmic figures and fragmented lines and a frozen chordal texture rich with dramatic swells. When composing
this piece I imagined myself surrounded by flurries of ice large enough so that they refracted sunlight to form a chaotic spectrum. Occasionally there would be a sight so beautiful that time would seem to stop allowing me to truly appreciate its beauty."

- Chris Poovey

World Premiere on 24th May 2019. Performed by Cong Quartet Commissioned by Takumi Works with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.

Anthony Cheng: Dark Side of the City - Prologue for String Quartet (2019)

The Prologue a “prelude” of the series of my music-visual artworks “Dark Side of the City” which merely explores all possibilities of interaction between new music and visual elements in order to uncover the dark side of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, not only food, housing, medical treatment at public expense and retirement protection are the underlying problems for most peoples, but also something more “inner” in most peoples’ heart such as education system, political situation and new immigration upsurge are definitely our social tragedies under the splendid megacity of Hong Kong.


Edward Elgar: Introduction and Allegro for Strings Quartet and Orchestra, Op.47 (1905)

Wilbur Lin, Conductor
Indiana University Student Orchestra

2016 @ Recital Hall, Indiana University

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Ho-Ling Tang: La Neblina (2017)

2018@ Concert Hall, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

La Neblina” means “Fog” in Spanish. Talking about Fog, it is actually some tiny liquid water droplets suspended in the air. These are actually separate water droplets on their own. But when they come together, it formed a special atmosphere and texture, and I was trying to recreate that in the piece. To me, listening to string quartet has the same feeling. Each instruments in the string quartet has their own character, but when they play together, they are one.

- Ho-Ling Tang